OPEN YOUR MIND – The sound, the music, the dance:

Mz.Haytch’s time and experience behind the decks has enabled her to live by a unique but simple philosophy when it comes to her craft.
Mz.Haytch loves electronic music of the harder variety, with the prime objective connecting to the crowd and making them want to dance just as hard as she does. She wants the ravers to connect with the music on a level of more then just listening, but feeling and she wants people to experience new music and melodies.

Having already done more in her DJ career then most can dream of some might expect this power house to slow down… Don’t count on it… The DJ/Producer some simply call Joz is only getting started…

…In 2020, Mz Haytch is going open your mind… then blow it away!

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Mz Haytch

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