2007 there was a coming together of two separate organisations, MA-15+ Entertainment and Com-Baton. Out of this formed Nightvisions!

From the first day to now the message was clear, if it's hard and big bass music then we will bring it to a venue and party to it with our ever growing Nightvisions Army!

The first brought together the hardest styles in dance music, from hardstyle to hardcore, from industrial to terror, it was all covered and we delivered a top class international lineup, the likes of which you don't normally see here, with interstate and local talent to match.

Cue forward to today and we are still delivering on that vision and leading the way in Australia in this music we love! Supporting gigs around the country as well as our own.

These days, party after party of sold out events in Sydney's west, we've broken boundaries and have more set in our crosshair as we continue to grow the darker side of the harder styles!


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