Our Story


Rave Central, established in early 2019 is now your main platform for Rave merchandise in Australia. We now own the infamous brand Pillfreak and will be launching it on the new platform.

Other brands featuring on the platform include Unhinged Tv/ Club Rehab/ Spun, Scarred Digital and more to come. We have made it our goal to reach out to customers the world over with Rave Merchandise that meets individual needs. Our collection is vast, printed in house and tailors to suit every EDM event.

We have teamed up with a number of Djs, some of them including Twisted Melodiez, Crytum, Yev, X Dream, [email protected], Mz Haytch and Shtave.

Pillfreak a brand now incorporated into Rave Central has been actively involved in business since 2001, an underground machine, that has infiltrate several demographics and subcultures worldwide. It developed in the clandestine R&D Labs of Global Industries, that has progressively transitioned into the giant it now is today.

From the underground to the extreme Pillfreak is without peer. From the music festivals of Australia to the EDM events of the United States, from International Dj’s and Producers bangin’ out tunes in Ibiza to Pro Fighters in Muay Thai and MMA to those in Base Jumping, Snowboarding, Surfing or Skating and even those in FMX – Rave Central has got you covered.

$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds